1. J

    Philips w00x sw966

    Hey. I have Bench KH02 Dolby Pro Logic amplifier and i dont know how to connect/or can i connect Philips w00x sw966 to it? I dont have any experience about these things so can someone help me:)
  2. FS: Pass Labs XA160.5 Class A Monoblocks MINT!

    FS: Pass Labs XA160.5 Class A Monoblocks MINT!

    I'm the original owner. I'm selling these pristine Pass Labs XA160.5 amps to build my new movie theater. There are no visible blemishes anywhere on the units and they work flawlessly; sounds incredible. They live in a dedicated listening room. So no pets, children or smoke. Very clean...
  3. L

    Amplifier and speakers

    I have an amplifier Pioneer SA-8800 II Specs: Continuous power output is 80 watts* per channel, min. at 8 ohms from 10 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz with no more than 0.005% total harmonic distortion, or 80 watts* per channel at 4 ohms from 10 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz with no more than 0.005% total...
  4. T

    Lampizator amplifiers

    Has anyone any experience with them and has compared against some more well known brands? I’ll be using with some very efficient horns so the amps need to be super quiet. Thanks in advance guys....
  5. R

    FS: Plinius Hautonga

    Plinius Hautonga in mint condition. Excellent build quality with a very good MM phono stage. This amp also has HT bypass so it can integrate into a theater system or be used with an external preamp. Transparent, musical, and tube sounding. Powerful enough to drive most speakers. Original box and...
  6. Mextech

    Turntable with Ak47 Build Quality!

    Found it amusing!
  7. Mextech

    Turntable with Ak47 build quality

    Found it amusing, with good production value.
  8. A

    I Need Help Understanding

    Hello, So I recently purchased some audio equipment, and am relatively satisfied with the results I have gotten out of them, but I am still looking for a bit more. Where my confusion begins, is I purchased a 4000 watt amplifier to power my 1600 watt 8 ohm speaker, and the amp offer 700 watt...
  9. M

    For Sale: NuForce MCH300SE C7 7-channel amplifier

    Ask price: USD 4350 through Paypal. mint condition, including the original remote. Currently in Hong Kong. Shipping worldwide, will discuss on how much it may cost etc. Please leave email address via private message. Configuration: 7 channel inputs : RCA and true balance XLR Power...
  10. Believe High Fidelity

    New Hybrid Single Ended Power and Stereo Amplifiers - Feedback/Poll needed

    Hello WBF, Aries Cerat is working on a new design to be released sometime in 2016 that will leverage single ended circuits married to transistors for a heavy hitting performance combination. This combination and design is intended to beat any amplifier at the same price or double in the SS or...
  11. Ron Resnick

    Why the high watt spec in subwoofer amplifiers?

    Some subwoofer towers in four tower, "statement" speaker systems use high-watt class D amplifiers (e.g., Evolution Acoustics MM7, Genesis 1.2) and many standalone subwoofers use high-watt class D amplifiers as well (e.g., JL Audio, MartinLogan, Seaton, Velodyne). We know the obvious reasons...

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