1. Karen Sumner

    Audiophile Sonic Terms Redux

    During my recent interview with WBF, I think additional clarification of why relying on audiophile sonic terms like detail, pinpoint imaging, crisp leading-edge transients, black background, and slam to describe the attributes of component performance is counterproductive if one’s goal is to...
  2. D

    Acoustics Show - Noise Busters

    Hi All, I've just come across this forum and thought I would introduce myself and the acoustics show myself and my friend George Gibbs have started called Noise Busters! I've been an acoustic consultant for around 12 years (first in the UK and now in Calgary Canada) and started the show to...
  3. Ron Resnick

    Acoustic Effect of Polyurethane Stain on Wood

    Has anyone experimented with the acoustic effect of staining hardwood walls of a listening room with polyurethane stain or sealant? Does polyurethane add sound reflectivity to the wood walls? Does polyurethane stain or sealant have any sonic effect at all versus not applying polyurethane to...
  4. Ron Resnick

    Ambient Noise Level: How Quiet is Quiet Enough?

    What is the ideal ambient or background noise level for a listening room in decibels? Is the objective the quieter the better? What is considered to be an acceptable background noise level? What is considered ro be a highly desireable background noise level? What is the ambient noise level...
  5. C

    Home studio renovation

    Hello everyone! I am new hear and I can't seem to properly find my way around the forum, I am so sorry.. However, what I need help is my home studio. Well, it's not actually a complete studio, but I am working towards making it complete. The biggest issue I have is the sound isolation and...
  6. Believe High Fidelity

    Austin TX - The New Horn Capital of the USA? WBF Tour of Austins Newest Manufacturers

    For your consumption I have visited the newest manufacturers demos room here in Austin. By coincidence they happen to be horn specialists so you add myself and that makes three here in the Austin Area in less than a year. Up first we have Sadurni Acoustics. Recently relocated from Mexico...
  7. D

    Hi there!

    I am a song writer, producer and engineer from Sweden. I am just about to finnish the work/construction of my new professional home recording studio. For those of you who have interest in this, please visit and you can see the whole project there. The studio is a really...

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