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Thread: What do you use for vibration isolation?

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    What do you use for vibration isolation?

    Hello All,

    I work for a company whose expertise is in environmental isolation (i.e. acoustic, vibration and electromagnetic isolation). We primarily support the nanotechnology community achieve maximum resolution for their research data, however, I have found more people who own high-end audio equipment contact me lately inquiring about our types of vibration isolation systems.

    This thread is not a solicitation for business by any means, but I am interested in what users of high-end audio equipment currently use to solve their vibration noise problems. I understand popular methods to mitigate vibrations from affecting audio clarity are: decoupling equipment from the vibration source, utilizing some form of dampening material (i.e. sorbathane or other rubber material), or suspended bunjee set up. Are there other, more effective alternatives to increasing the audible quality of high-end equipment?

    If you are interested in learning more about my company (Herzan) and what we do, I will be glad to discuss.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing your feedback.


    Reid Whitney

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    Hi Reid. I use an Adona rack for all of my gear except the amplifiers. For them, I've ordered SRA isolation bases.

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    I use the SRA Scuttle rack which replaced an EquaRack. Honestly, I bought the SRA rack for aesthetics and ease of use, but it helps the equipment sound better. Is it a night and day difference? Well no, but it does advance the ball down the field.

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    Hi Reid,

    I have an EquaRack stand for my turntable with Stillpoints Ultra SS feet as well. I also use some rollerblock like footers I made under the rest of my equipment.

    I looked at your website and I am interested in the active isolation products for my turntable. How is the active isolation acheived? Is there some kind of servo system that keeps the equipment stable? Is active isolation better than an air isolation solution for a turntable? Also wondering what price range is something like a TS-150.



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    Hi Sean,

    The active isolation is achieved using piezoelectric sensors that read the vibration characteristics of a surface and provides an inverse force to the top plate of the TS Series, providing a neutral/stable platform. They sense incoming vibrations and dynamically react to them.

    There are a few primary differences between the active isolation tables and the air-isolation tables. The most important being the varying degrees of vibration each system will compensate. In total, there are six types of vibrations that can effect an instrument, microscope or high-end audio device. The TS/AVI Series are able to properly compensate for all six types of vibrations. Air-Isolation systems are not capable of isolating all six and primarily focus on the verticle motion of movement.

    The second most important difference is the frequency range each technology is capable of compensating. Whether this point is relevant to high-end audio equipment, I am not sure, but with regards to nanotechnology applications and high-resolution microscopes, the lower frequencies are better compensated in an active isolation system than in an air-isolation system. For your reference, The TS Series is able to begin isolating at 0.7 Hz up to 1000 and beyond. The Onyx Series (our air-isolation system), is capable of isolating from 4 hz - 1000 Hz and beyond. Depending on the application and product being supported by the vibration isolation system, the sensitivities to lower frequency vibrations can effect the quality of research data. If you are interested in a direct comparison of active v. passive vibration isolation, please visit:

    I have provided an image below that helps demonstrate what active isolation works to achieve.

    Name:  test.jpg
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    For all price and product information related questions, please send me an email via I don't want this thread to be considered a solicitation, moreover, an understanding of what is used and peoples approaches/ideas to combatting vibrations. If there is room for me to help, I will gladly do so.


    Reid Whitney

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    I use a bunch of things. My rack is a QSC with solid Maple legs, composite shelves and pin/cup between shelves. This greatly improved with Herbies pucks under the pins that contacted the floor. I've used several different footers for various components including DIY varying the compliance of materials. I like anything with a spinning disc TT,CDP to sit on a ball to allow lateral dissipation. I don't like anything with a point from testing several. My CDP now sits deflex pads then on a 3" oak slab with springs under it and about ten pounds of weight atop it on Deflex as well. Best sound yet.


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    I use Stillpoints thorough-out my system. They have provided an amazing, jaw dropping improvement in the sound. I started the process on a limited basis, and expanded their use as the improvement was not subtle. Each addition has achieved more, as impressive as a component upgrade, while not changing the basic nature of the system.
    I believe this is mainly due, not so much from external vibrations, but to the dissipation of internally generated vibration in transformers, etc.
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    I use mostly Herbie's Audio Lab iso-ball devices for my components and Isoacoustics stands for my subwoofers and speakers.

    Like most things in audio the results of vibration isolation are subjective. Many people, myself included, find that it's possible to overdamp some components or that the damping provided by viscoelastic devices of lower durometer can have undesirable effects. One thing for certain is that damping has a large effect on the sound of an audio system.
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    Hi Reid,

    In regards to turntables, I understand how the Herzan may work for mechanical vibration coming up through the rack/table. How is the airborne vibration mitigated in relation to how it reacts to the tonearm/cartridge?
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    I'm using Grand Prix Audio Silverstone F1 racks. Interesting that most of us are using passive least those that have posted so far...
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