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      Yeti replied to the thread Lyra Phono Pipe Cable.
      I have one but my phono stage, Naim Superline, is one J Carr has stated won’t benefit from it. Nevertheless I like it a lot with an...
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      Yeti replied to the thread Tonearm wire, silver or copper?.
      Even silver headshell wires were too much for me. If you don’t mind a bit of prog, Greg Lakes side if Works vol 1 starts with a steel...
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      Yeti replied to the thread What Cartridge(s) Is Everyone Using.
      You could ask him which $20,000 cartridges he’s heard and in what context. I currently have a Goldring 1042 and a Transfiguration...
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      Yeti replied to the thread Most vinyl-sounding DAC?.
      I recently got round to listening to a Denon 103 for the first time and it brought to mind the Rega DACr I used a few years back as a...
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