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    Axpona 22’ pictures

    I can offer a counter point on the Vivid setup, which is usually a favorite of mine. The sound wasn’t bad, but the three times I visited the room the music had no imaging. Everything was just coming from the center and seemed very flat. Maybe the music selection, the room, the seating, but...
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    What Tube Preamps Synergize Well with CH Precision?

    To the original question : Awhile back, I was able to audition the CH M1.1, L1, and DAC in my system. Once I had a baseline of the full CH sound, I began to replace the CH pieces with my system pieces. The REF10 paired nicely with the M1.1 in my system.
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    Rossini DAC/Clock config experience and preferences, please

    For cables, you could try the Apogee Wyde Eye BNC 75 Ohm. They are available on Amazon and were recommended to me as a clock cable starting point. I’ve been very happy with them and they have remained in my setup.
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    dSC Rossini Versus Rossini Player

    I’ve heard both at my local dealer, and never detected a difference in sound when listening via the Ethernet input using Roon. If you don’t spin CD’s, I’d say save the $$ and apply it towards a clock.
  5. JimmyS

    Jimmy’s Audio System

    Its been a long time since I updated this thread, and I'll let the picture do the talking for now.... Its been a crazy couple of years with work, travel, and Covid.
  6. JimmyS

    Looking at Upgrading my ARC Line Stage Ref 2 Mk I to an ARC Ref 5se

    A happy Ref2se and Ref10 user here. Hope you enjoy the Ref5se
  7. JimmyS

    Soulution 520/511 for Rockport

    I have not heard Soulution on Rockports, but I have on my Magico S3’s. It was not for me. I have heard CH Precision on my S3’s and a pair of Atria II’s I had in my room for audition and it sounded good on both.
  8. JimmyS

    Nagra HD Amps

    Dang, late to the party :(. Have heard the CH M1.1 in my system, Boulder is up next, and really wanted to hear the HD's.
  9. JimmyS

    Matching Pre-amps and Amps: Same Brand or Not?

    I think you got the wrong impression from my post. The journey is about the Music, not the gear. I’m lucky to have local dealers who allow home audition, and allow me to evaluate how a piece impacts my system. Decisions to make a change usually are measured in years rather than months for me.
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    Matching Pre-amps and Amps: Same Brand or Not?

    I think it’s a great starting point to match them, but as you learn about your system and develop your listening preferences you may end up with a mixed pair. My Pass XP20 remained my preamp as I went through the Pass amplifier line. Once I arrived on the XA160.8’s and the rest of the system...
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    Boulder 866 or D'agostino Progression Integrated with Wilson Sabrina Speakers

    Local dealer that carries Wilson recently added the Boulder line. Gotta say the Boulder gear has made the Wilson’s really sing. I’ve heard the 866 / Sabrina combo in a smaller room setup and it provided a well balance sound with nice control of the bottom end.
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    A1 vs A1.5 vs M1.1

    I had a full CH setup in the basement to audition (M1.1, L1, C1) and “soft“ isn’t a word I’d use to describe the sound of the CH components. BC (before Covid) I was ready to replace the my XA160.8’s with the M1.1, but now I’ll wait it out a bit.
  13. JimmyS

    Audio Research Ref 6 vs Pass Labs XP 22/ XP 30
  14. JimmyS

    Wilson Audio SabrinaX coming out worldwide, September 1st 2020!

    Got to hear a two songs on them yesterday at my local dealer. Initial impression was that the Mids and Highs were a nice improvement over the previous design. My first comment on the lower frequencies was “hey they lost something here”, but nope it’s that they have really have improved the...
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    How are you powered?

    Mine go to directly to the wall. No dedicated lines (future remodel of basement will change that) I tried using my Shunyata 6000 on them, but preferred direct to the wall. I was able to then connect my pre amp and phono pre to the HC outlets on the 6000 and found I liked them better there vs...

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