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    Innuos Statement: Nextgen vs Non-Nextgen

    I have spoken to Innuos about this topic because I was hoping the same. Unfortunately the clear answer given was that the Pulsar will not come close to the Statement Next Gen. Even though they share some parts, they are smaller and lesser version of them, with lots of other parts missing due to...
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    Do yourself a favor and try the Innuos Statement Next Gen before committing. I preferred it by a large matching to the Aurender N30, which many members here prefer to the Taiko. Source is so critical, it's worth auditioning all candidates in your own system.
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    Innuos Statement: Nextgen vs Non-Nextgen

    I did only streaming, mostly from Qobuz with 2 Buffalo GS2008 switches upstream. The DAC is MSB reference and amp is Boulder 1160.
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    Innuos Statement: Nextgen vs Non-Nextgen

    I had the N20, N30, and the Statement NG all in my system side by side. For my taste Statement wins by a long shot. It has better clarity and precision which produces more believable color and timbre. It is also much more dynamic which results in much higher palpability in the music. Lastly the...
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    Antipodes Oladra vs. K50

    What would make it more expensive? SMPS is universally known to be cheaper than LPS, especially considering the K50 LPS was built to a very high spec.
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    Antipodes Oladra vs. K50

    +1, AES/Spidif output relies on the source clock in the Oladra, USB output relies on the clock in the recipient DAC, so quality of the USB output will be DAC dependent.
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    Antipodes Oladra vs. K50

    Interestingly the new Oladra at nearly 50% higher price uses a switching power supply vs. the dual transformer linear power supply in the K50
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    Various DAC Audition Impressions

    This started off a great thread, I will echo the sentiments of the other members here: Firstly, big thank you to @pk_LA for the time and effort to compare these popular high end DAC in his fantastic system and then sharing the findings with the community. It offers very valuable reference...
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    New Sigma XC cable.

    Definitely fair enough, I agree affordability and value judgement is very subjective. I guess what I was really trying to understand is the magnitude of the improvement, like did it hit you in the face or did you have to really concentrate to notice? Was it immediate or a slow burn..or if you...
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    Breaking news from DCS….

    Micro, am I reading your post right that you believe it is worth getting the older DCS dacs upgraded to APEX but you ultimately decided to forego the upgrade and retained your older version? If so, can you give a bit more color on that decision?
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    New Sigma XC cable.

    On an Everest conditioner, how big an upgrade or jump in sound quality would you say Omega XC is over a Sigma XC? Is it worth the 2x price differential?
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    MSB Grounding DAC to Amp

    According to Shunyata's CGS user guide, apparently if you have a 3 prong power cable plugged into the Everest from your component, that's functionally equivalent to grounding the chassis of that component to the Everest grounding post, so you don't need to do it again.
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    MSB Grounding DAC to Amp

    Any word back from MSB?
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    In search of a DAC which sounds excellent.

    For me, a truly high end DAC needs to firmly have both qualities. I've owned "musical" or "analog" dacs of the lower echelon, and each time I was not able to own them for long. At first they are pleasing, but I cannot escape the realization how much resolution and information is being blurred...
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    The Digital Director - A new MSB product improving everything from the source to the output

    In technology, "future proof" means it will not become obsolete in the foreseeable future. It does not and has not ever meant that it can not be improved upon or immune to future upgrades. In fact it means quite the opposite, it means that it will be compatible with future upgrades, extending...

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