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Welcome to the QSA LANEDRI Series Forum, an exclusive forum for owners of the QSA LANEDRI Series products
Following the universal success of the Quantum Science Audio (QSA) technology and it's application to multiple audio products ranging from fuses, sockets, power jitters, to switches, we created QSA LANEDRI. A platform for combining state of the art quality high-end brands and the undeniable QSA magic touch to reveal the hidden potential of the full audio chain. The QSA LANEDRI Series product line embodies the best in class of both worlds. We started our product launch by offering audio cables with performance never experienced before! This forum is intended to bring together the experience of audiophiles and everyone who decided to take the ride with us to the future of audio performance without compromise!

Founder of Quantum Science Audio
Steven/Anas Lanedri
Founders of QSA LANEDRI

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