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The Worlds Best Listening Room?
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Fellow WBF members, I found this video earlier today outlining the building and design of the Elbphilharmoni concert hall in Hamburg. I was blown away by the architecture, yet more importantly, the painstaking efforts to create the world's most awesome listening room.

We often debate on WBF what constitutes the most faithful reproduction of sound. Undoubtedly, the room is our most...
Vitus SM-103 Monos Demo
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Delivery & Set Up

We enjoy quality music. I play it while I work all day in my listening chair. And then there are those few special hours where there is just the music and relaxing in utter bliss.

While I wish we could press a button and have the absolute best system (to my ears) immediately in our audio room, in reality it’s a journey to put “the” right one together. And even with...
Destination Audio's Malta (Listening Bar) Horn Loudspeaker System
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The Destination Audio Listening Bar (part 1)

Recent years have seen a decline in most on-the-town venues. The pandemic has had quite a breadth of casualties, first and foremost in human terms, but also in terms of businesses succumbing to the varied land mines, be they from lack of an audience, to a lack of workers and or a depletion of supply. Happily, in complete disregard to these trends...
Welcome to the Fleetwood Sound Owners Forum!
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"As the founder of Fleetwood Sound, it’s my honor to write the first post for our new forum. Let’s please open this up beyond the usual audiophile stuff. Tell us something about where you are coming from and where you want to go in audio. What brought you to Fleetwood? How are you experiencing things differently with the DeVille speakers? What kind of things would you like to see us...
Proud to Announce Exciting New Awards and Reviews for Center Stage 2M Footers
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Jonathan Valin, Executive Editor,
The Absolute Sound, issue 330
“The Centerstage 2M is an unqualified triumph.”

“…..The differences it makes under any and all components are unmistakable and entirely for the better. …..I’ll give you one example, which can stand in for all the components I’ve used a...

Do Mobile Fidelity Vinyl Re-issues Have a Digital Step in the Process?

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Yesterday I was sent a YouTube video by Mike of The In Groove who alleges that every Mo-Fi One Step release (his broader claim is every Mobile Fidelity release since 2015) has a digital step in the mastering process. He proffered an initial theory or two, but then rejected those as improbable.

He then said that he has received information from multiple reliable sources that this is correct...

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