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FTA Interconnect with Bocchino XLRs!
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Hi all, id like to add bring forward some findings for my fellow WBFers.

Id like to introduce a sublime new cable that ive been using for the past month. The Final Touch Audio XLR with Bocchino XLR connectors.

I was introduced to FTA via their terrific USB cable and was very curious to see if their house sound would transfer into their Analog interconnects as well. A few months ago I had...
Zero Distortion: Altec Assault and the Magic of Misho (Audio Antiquary)
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Warning: This is a long article, so you can take breaks while reading it, as it covers different sections:
  1. Introduction to Misho (AudioAntiquary) and the Altecs, his background owning Altecs, Bionor, WE 16a, etc
  2. Compares of his electronics against Audio Note Neiro 2a3, Allnic Phono, and comments from...
High-end Speakers V Headphone - you kidding me....
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Can the advances in headphone design we have seen in the last few years, can they really give us a sound that can compete with the best speaker systems?

I make no bones about it, I have been a headphone fan for many years, and use both every day. I enjoyed both equally. And I would be hard pressed to have to choose which I had to stuff in a boat to take to my desert island. In my opinion, the...
Any Bergmann "Galder" owners here ?
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Pulled the trigger and ordered a black velvet & silver Galder with vacuum hold down & the Odin tonearm. Any cartridge recommendations ? How about the second tone-arm ? I have a Van den Hul Colibri platimum that I was thinking of using...

Though the new black & 24k Gold Galder looks stunning, it would look out of place in my system. The black velvet & silver Galder...
Zingali Horn speakers - tweaking the crossovers & DIY
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I am upgrading my Zingali crossover with better caps. They are Client Name Evo 1.2, a 2 way horn and bass driver speaker. I like them a lot. But in my setting (smallish room), it is getting a bit too
loaded in the bass. Also maybe over time, the treble has dropped in output. It may be the caps are old. The speakers are 15 years old, and the caps could be 20 years if left on the shelf before...
Installing the Trident 2
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I was a little apprehensive about installing the Trident 2. The Pantheons, I can just about deal with, even on my own. But the Trident 2 are about twice the volume and approx. three times the weight.
when I broke my clavicle five weeks ago (cycling accident), I knew that it would be impossible for me to install the speakers myself. I am so grateful to Joe Cali, our Los Angeles Gryphon dealer...

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