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Thread: Lost my childhood partner in crime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dog RJ View Post
    Sorry to hear about your mate. That will be something very hard to get over, if at all... Main thing is to move on and try to remember and embrace the way he lived. The quality times you both had, family, friends and good laughs, will keep you moving forwards. Also don't forget the music!, it has some pretty strong healing powers when you dig deep into the emotions...
    I was just wondering if your mate had any particular great tracks he would have liked to listened to often? Perhaps if you could let us know, we could play some of these tunes as a form of dedication, if you don't mind.
    Let us know, take it easy and stay safe.
    Low woof - RJ
    Thanks guys I appreciate the responses very much!
    Big Dog RJ you hit a couple key thoughts here.

    One is that yes I choose to celebrate the life lived, this just happens to be the first what I call first level friendship. I do not have a large group of what I call true friends, and that is by design. Coming out of my youth and into adulthood I made a few "adult" changes and out of this group of people I "thought" were friends he is the only one that remained true, the rest vapor. To be honest that was fine as I changed and they did not. Have bumped into a few of them over the years and they are still the same as they were back then.

    Two, the music. He is my original listening mate as we went on our music discovery journey together. One rule we had was to always listen to the whole album beginning to end to try to "get" what the artist was trying to convey to the listener. For me it was one hot California summer at a mutual buddy's house when he, through his AR Turntable, AR Speakers and Kenwood receiver, spun Led Zeppelin 4 and one song in particular, Black Dog.

    When I made the original post I had indeed started a week long set and will share with you in honor. The only rule breaker of complete album is the last one and you will see why when I get there, it was however the complete side.

    Led Zeppelin 4
    Led Zeppelin Presence
    ELP Brain Salad Surgery
    ELP Trilogy
    Return To Forever Romantic Warrior (if you dont have it or never heard it, please get it)
    Mahavishnu Orchestra Visions of the Emerald Beyond
    Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds of Fire
    Yes Close to the Edge
    Yes Fragile
    Deep Purple Made in Japan
    Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
    Jeff Beck Wired
    Journey Infinity
    Rush Moving Pictures
    Rush 2112
    Pink Floyd DSOTM
    Pink Floyd The Wall
    Supertramp Crime of the Century
    Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road side one
    ...Funeral for a friend
    ...Love lies bleeding
    ...Candle in the wind
    ...Bennie and the Jets

    For now, this is the end of set one. Almost all of these groups we attended concerts together. Set two will commence today as I recently got all my vinyl that has been in boxes for four years, into shelving in my tiny music room (more on that will follow in another existing post about my room).

    Here is a picture of the last time I sat down with him and had a drink, his daughters wedding. It was an amazing ceremony in a perfect setting. I was sitting at a table sipping a Bourbon and he came up sat down and whips out a flask from the coat pocket and says, "You have to try this". Some things never change, me and Bourbon and him and Scotch! It was some 20+ year something or other and it was yummy, though not my gig.

    He was the consummate friend,dad,husband,son and the world is a better place because of him.

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    Sir, that is a STELLAR playlist, and worthy of the occasion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiritofmusic View Post
    Sir, that is a STELLAR playlist, and worthy of the occasion.
    Agreed. As can be seen from my Handle and Avatar I am a little partial to the Zeppelin boys. I will celebrate a little life today with those albums.

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