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Thread: Test your dac

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    Test your dac

    Interesting test files all derived from the same DXD 352 studio master file.

    Which format is best for your DAC?
    Every DAC has it's own character, some sounds better using PCM files and some sounds better using DSD files...... Some people find the convenience of FLAC files more important.
    Here on this page is a list containing 2 minutes of a song in 11 different formats.

    The song is called 'A Fool For You' and is performed by Carmen Gomes Inc.
    Itís taken from the album 'Carmen Sings The Blues'.

    All the different formats have the same source file, DXD 352kHz (Studio Master).
    We used the AUL ConverteR 48x44 for the conversion to DSD and Wavelab for the conversion to the other PCM formats and FLAC.

    When you compare different sample rates always start with the lowest resolution.
    During listening don't focus too much, hearing is as individual as taste but hearing is also something which can be acquired, like the taste of good wine.

    You can choose from the following formats:
    1. DXD 352kHz
    2. PCM 192kHz
    3. PCM 176kHz
    4. PCM 96kHz
    5. PCM 44kHz
    6. DSD 256
    7. DSD 128
    8. DSD 64
    9 . FLAC 352kHz
    10. FLAC 192kHz
    11. FLAC 96kHz

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    I'm not sure I understand why this is a relevant test of formats for DAC playback since the file is a DXD file to begin with. There is no native DSD file. Wouldn't that be the more relevant test for DSD playback? Or do I misunderstand the objective of the exercise?

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    what are the differences in conversion from the original DXD to the PCM and to the FLAC files.

    I ask because I can take the main DXD file and do my own conversion for each sample rate.

    Great recording BTW...
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    Quote Originally Posted by marty View Post
    Wouldn't that be the more relevant test for DSD playback?
    Yes, that would indeed be better.
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    This is the perfect test disk to see if you can hear a difference in these formats and whether Hi-res is worthwhile in your system.

    I can even hear the difference in uncompressed FLAC, AIFF and .wav in my system. I don't even need compressed tracks to hear differences. This is why I use exclusively .wav files.

    Steve N.
    Empirical Audio

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