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Thread: Best EL34 amps

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    No, I have not heard the Challenger, but for a similar topology I am more comfortable sticking with the MB-185 Mk. III.

    Your MB-185 uses EL-34s?

    Please describe for us the differences in sound you hear between the triode mode and the tetrode mode.
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    Triode mode on electrostatics is wonderful

    obviously tetrode is more powerful, and 'clean'

    Triode is more earthy and inmate, with greater image palpability and density, microdymaics and timbre are enhanced

    interestingly bass/midbass has more slam, and speed, but less ultimate power, drums more skin and body, as well as pitch

    where it gets really interesting is varying the feedback, a great feature!

    i listen to classical and jazz, so for rockers i cannot answer to their preferences
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