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Thread: What SET amplifiers have Realistic Midrange Magic AND have the Great BASS? Rock your Horns!

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    Ron, no I haven't used active isolation platforms. Though they may provide benefit, keep in mind that sources of tube vibrations include that from the device itself (a DAC in this case) as well as airborne. So, I would still recommend using the tube dampers from Herbies Audio Lab.

    One point, over they years I've used various tube damping products. I've found the damping rings from Herbies Audio Lab to be superior. The devices have a very small contact area with the tube via three or four small disks with very small elastomeric rings on perimeter of the disks that actually contact the tube. There is very little vibrational energy transferred from the tube. Think of it as analogous to damping the vibration using your hand, touching the tube with just three fingers.

    The worst damping devices that I've tried are the typical thick damping rings that you slide over the tube. These tend to store vibrational energy and then release it back into the tube. This returned energy is delayed and is out of sync with the original, causing a smearing of the sound. For the life of me, I don't understand why large "high end" companies like ARC still use those things (I owned an ARC REF3).

    I use such damping rings and get no smearing

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    When I used elastomeric damping rings, I didn't hear any smearing either-- not until, that is, I heard the lack of smearing with Herbies tube dampers.

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