Into The Great Unknown ?

Michael Davitt

Nov 3, 2020
When you slip the surly bonds of this Earth and depart for the celestial symphony that awaits us all, what will become of your
system and the music you have gathered over the years ? Some of us have garnered quite a legacy of sound . . . to whom or
what will this be entrusted to ? Do these inheritors have any sense of the time and passion we expended to curate these musical artifacts ?

I was invited to the home of a friend in advance of the estate sale after his death. His lovely wife invited me to have first choice of his collection prior to the sale. She left me in the listening room, where I had enjoyed much camaraderie before cancer dulled his zest for living. Alone, I was overcome with a sense of profound melancholy. On his Well Tempered turntable was Vaughan Williams Fantasia on a theme of Thomas Tallis, recorded by BBC Symphony Orchestra at Gloucester Cathedral. I jacketed this single article and thanked her for all the wonderful times we enjoyed together and sadly departed.

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