1. C

    CDSD+ dac6e

    Sellin these at a really nice price. See appropriate forum here for more details. Right until I bought my XDS1 these shone the brightest and bested the CDSDSE + DCC2 by a loooong way!
  2. Elberoth

    FS: Metronome Kalista Dream Play CD transport 2017 - the latest, 115/230V

    The latest and greatest CD transport from Metronome - Kalista Dream Play This transport have been just introduced by Metronome - first units have shipped to costomers in January 2017. $23.000 (Export price. EU residents please add 23% VAT sales tax - EU price: 23.500 EUR)...
  3. D

    QA660 SD Card transport approaches very best as a digital source

    My QLS Hi-Fi QA660 took 3 hours to sound good and about 400 hours to break in about 15 days @ 24x7 on repeat to no longer improve. To me it sounds like a $5K VRDS-type transport (this is a Teac/Esoteric very expensive clamping system for disc transports). Now maybe my Von Scheikert speakers...
  4. Emre Üçöz

    Best single box cd player - any recommendations

    I am on the verge of a decision wheter I should continue with transport+dac+clock or to switch to a one box cd player. Can I get your opinions on this. My current digital configuration is Esoteric P-02+DCS Scarllati DAC+DCS Scarllati Clock. Any comments on Burmester069, Soulution 5 and 7...

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