sound quality

  1. Preston8452

    Which NAS should I choose?

    Hi guys, It's just sorta a general wondering, so recently I've been thinking about purchasing a NAS for audio storage and stuff, I used to just simply store music with USB, but I read some articles about NAS, it seems to me that most audiophiles possess one to cooperate with their Hi-Fi gear...
  2. Preston8452

    Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?

    I think it's been a quite controversial topic for years, like what's the difference between normal network switch and an audio grade network switch, the price difference is certainly obvious though... Anyway, I've done some researches, most audio reviewers say that under this " new digital...
  3. A

    Audioquest (USB cable) 'DBS' positioning changes sound ?

    I was taken aback when I discovered that the Audioquest 'DBS pack' positioning (along the 'Coffee' USB cable) introduced considerable SQ differences -depending where the 'pack' was positioned (and angled) within the 2-3"(5-7.5cm) of available space. Does anyone have experience with this -or...
  4. GerardJ

    Different lengths speaker cables

    I would like to use 2 sets of speaker cables for my TAD-E1 to drive them biwired. I am using now one set of 12 ft long. To cut costs I would like to buy a used second set SC. Because 12 ft is not often offered second hand I wonder if using a set of 8ft or 10ft SC on one side and my 12 ft SC on...
  5. Ron Resnick

    Introspection and hyperbole control

    Words are useful only to the extent they help us distinguish certain things from other things. In this hobby, which generally is subjective listening oriented and thus usually not quantitative or scientific oriented, we typically use words, and not numbers, to express our subjective views...

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