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    Come Here Baby by Soul Musician Dave Sereny Hits Number 15 on the Charts!

    Soul musician Dave Sereny has propelled his newest single “Come Here Baby” to the number 15 jazz song on industry charts. It isn’t hard to understand why people listen to Dave Sereny’s music. The musical spirit along with Dave’s creative genius leaves listening to his newest album “Talk to...
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    Smooth Jazz Bassist Mitchell Coleman Jr. Is Taking Funk/Fusion By Storm

    Smooth jazz bassist, Mitchell Coleman Jr., is taking funk/fusion by storm with his new debut album “Soul Searching.” I recently found his music while I was looking for something to listen to on iTunes. I found his single “Flow” and instantly become a fan. I started to look more into him and...
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    Come and Support Pet Rescue With Jazz Singer Cheryl Barnes at The Catalina Jazz Club

    At the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood this July will be a brunch to benefit local Burbank pet care and rescue store Pet Mania. Jazz Singer Cheryl Barnes will be performing amongst 4 other Jazz artists on Sunday July 12, 2014. In addition to brunch and live music performances, there will be a...

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