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  1. Karen Sumner


    I haven’t been in a rush to discuss the final frontier of space because imaging and soundstage are hot buttons in the hi fi world, and the concept of “space” that I will describe here requires a total recalibration of the concept of space as it is widely accepted in the hi fi world. Before we...
  2. Karen Sumner

    Zen and the Art of Audio, Part 1

    In 1993, Harvey Rosenberg published a book entitled The Search for Musical Ecstasy. Unfortunately, the book is out of print as far as I know. Harvey and I talked about hi fi and music often. I miss what he brought to the conversation. He asked me to write a chapter in his book that I entitled...
  3. Karen Sumner

    Audiophile Rescue Plan, Part 2

    Hi fi is a unique luxury hobby. It’s the only one I can think of that comes in kit form, but you also have to procure the parts of the kit with little or no reliable guidance. This sounds like a perfect environment for tinkerers who are looking for something, and they don’t quite know what it...
  4. Karen Sumner

    A Gold Standard for Listening Evaluations

    I mentioned in my last thread that I would discuss the idea that live, unamplified music played in a natural acoustic environment should be the gold standard for evaluating sound regardless of music preferences. Al M. captured the idea perfectly in his statement: “. . . improvements in the...

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