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  1. Triode Pete

    Best Cables and Power Management | Buyers Guide Summer 2023

    Triode Wire Labs was selected by the Editorial Staff at Part Time Audiophile as one the best Complete Cable Loom Recommendations. [Editor’s Note: We’re pushing forward the idea of a cable “loom”–an entire complement of one brand of high-end audio cables, enough to wire an audio system–as the...
  2. Triode Pete

    Triode Wire Labs at the 2023 Florida International Audio Show

    Here's some feedback from the recent 2023 Florida International Audio Show held in Tampa, Florida. Starting with the Editor-in-Chief Scot Hull from Part time Audiophile... Scot’s Best-In-Show | FLAX 2023 Another...
  3. Triode Pete

    Part Time Audiophile: The Best Cables | Buyers Guide Summer 2021

    I'd like to thank the Editorial Staff at Part Time Audiophile for naming Triode Wire Labs one of the BEST Cable Looms! The Best Cables, Power, Grounding and Racks | Buyers Guide Summer...
  4. Triode Pete

    Video Review of Capital AudioFest's Frederick Room

    Here's a great Capital AudioFest video review by AV Showrooms, Peter Breuninger... AV Showrooms Video Review I think I had more cables in this room at Capital AudioFest then the OTHER FOUR Rooms (Rooms 309, 316, 516 & 528) combined... LOL! Several pairs of my "American" speaker cables, my power...

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