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    Magnepan Bass Problems?

    I had the MG12's years ago. I loved the sound however I had issues with the speakers "bottoming out" at high volume levels or even at moderate volume levels depending on the recording. When a bass note would hit there would be a "slapping" sound that would distort the entire panel and rip...
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    Drop at 130hz in my new mixing room

    Hi, I moved the a new studio and after acoustic treatment i found a -12 db drop at 128-140 hz ,especially in 130hz,all the rest are pretty good. when i get up from my listening point i can hear it louder when i seat down its -12db drop again...:confused: i got a big room with high sloped...
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    Surreal Sound Fifth Row with Tweeter upgrade

    Some will laugh at the price, some will cry, but that isn't the main focus of What's Best, is it? I have owned these speakers now for 15 months in part as a guinea pig and in part as an owner. My listening room is something of a listening lab for Ralph Hellmer and the Surreal Sound Company...
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    "Improving Assessment of Low Frequency Room Acoustics"

    This is going to be a multipart review of a very interesting Audio Engineering Society (AES) paper that attempts to correlate some basic room acoustic parameters to subjective impressions for low frequencies in small rooms. For those inclined to read the full paper, it is: "Improving the...
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    Comparison of Double Bass Array to Sound Field Management: Overview

    Hmmm. My first post on the What’s Best forum – what to start off with? Well, I would like to discuss two methods of optimizing subwoofers in a room which have some similarities. One is Sound Field Management, which Allan Devantier and I worked on starting in 2003. The other one is a “Double...

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