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    Looking for inexpensive amp/speakers to accommodate older audio equipment

    Hello! I am looking for the best quality -- at the cheapest price -- amp & speakers (I really only need 2, as there's no need for an elaborate setup) for my home office that will accommodate two pieces of older audio equipment. Specifically, a 1982 JVC KD-D30 cassette deck (and yeah, it's...
  2. A

    Scarlett Itrack vs Scarlett Solo -HELP FAST!

    I know practically nothing compared to anybody else on these forums so please explain so I can understand. I want to know the difference between the Scarlett Itrack and Scarlett Solo. Just tell me the major differences because I need to know quick. I found someone selling the Scarlett Itrack for...
  3. M

    For Sale: NuForce MCH300SE C7 7-channel amplifier

    Ask price: USD 4350 through Paypal. mint condition, including the original remote. Currently in Hong Kong. Shipping worldwide, will discuss on how much it may cost etc. Please leave email address via private message. Configuration: 7 channel inputs : RCA and true balance XLR Power...

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