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Thread: A small upgrade in amplification

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    Hi there BG,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, these are the LP125m monoblocks, not brand new though, carefully used by the dealer's personal demo system, which I traded up from my previous Classic 60se.
    I always wanted to figure out how the heck the cat gets in nearly every pic I would take... This is the older fella, the younger one is probably somewhere behind biting on speaker cable...
    Both are from the rescue shelter, get along quite well and both enjoy the music!
    The Mac sacd player was not on my list at all, until I was very keen on the mighty MC452, which drove the Sonus Faber Stradivari's beautifully. Right after the Demo, I walked out with the Mac CD! Again traded up from a previous Cayin tube CD player, which I had acquired from the same dealer who offers SF & Mac, the full line all the way up-to the Extrema's that cost over 100 grand!

    The CD players on my list were Cary, Marantz and ARC, which I tried all of them at home when I had the Quads (ESL2905). All three were fantastic in their own way and had very different signature sound. However, the moment I listened to the Mac and saw it's build quality along with that striking front face plate, I just had to get it! It was the most solid build of all and a very grounded sound to it, such that it didn't seem to add or alter the music as compared to the others. It offered a more transparent sound, especially on electrostats.
    The Cary was a very sweet sound and quite enjoyable, whereas the Arc Ref 7 & 8 had an expansive soundstage with an added sense of weight to all the notes... It sort of boosted the full frequency with a sense of heaviness to the soundstage or call it "thick". To me it was not as quick nor transparent compared to the Mac. Perhaps on a different system the Arc would excell...
    I think the Ref 9 is a much superior CD unit but also comes at a hefty price tag in Aus, close to 20grand.

    Now Mac offers a newer unit plus an upgraded transport, I've heard it and it's awesome!
    At the moment I hardly have much time to listen, if at all only 2 nights a week and that's just around 4hrs each session. So I think I'll just give it a rest for now and enjoy whenever I get a chance. Retirement would be nice, then I can sit back and relax but they all say we're too young to relax, so the hard work continues...
    Cheers mate and have a good one.

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    G'day all music fans, audio enthusiasts and fanatics...
    Just wanted to send out a thanks to the messages received regarding the placement of the TT on top of the mac CD unit. I should have known better... As there was definitely some unwanted noise being picked up along the way, as duely noted...

    I thought this would be just a short term placement until all else is being built, however it seems like this won't be happening any time soon, darn.

    Therefore, obviously for better reasons, I have placed the TT on its own shelf, as recommended, isolated on the Auralex platform, supported by nordost sort kones. The CD unit now rest on the bottom shelf under the preamp on its own as well, and the phonostages plus power supply rests under the TT shelf on the floor/carpet, for now... Supported by fairly high rubber mounts providing adequate ventilation around and under each unit.

    I must say the benefits are quite obvious two fold! For 1: no more unwanted hums, buzzes or sudden noises and 2: the TT does not vibrate or pick up unwanted airborne vibrations during bass lines even at relatively moderate levels. This is marvelous since now much more of the music flows through with superb clarity and soundstaging, such that now I'm beginning to realize the full potential of the CJ monoblocks.
    "Mighty fine" I would say.
    So thanks for the suggestions, they were very valuable indeed!
    Cheers, RJ

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