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Thread: Robert Koda Takumi MC One Reference Phono Stage

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    Robert Koda Takumi MC One Reference Phono Stage

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    Not sure if it's been posted on WBF. Apparently has some unique circuit designs so it's not a LCR or a passive riaa.

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    There is nothing wrong with RIAA. The challenge is how to apply the reverse equalization as is required. Since the beginning of vinyl, there are only two ways to do it in the analog domain. One is called “passive RIAA” primarily used by many tube electronics manufacturers. Then there is another variation of passive RIAA called “LCR”. Under this approach, the high frequencies are attenuated by 100X at 20khz and 10X at 1khz during the amplification process. This is also known as the “brute force” approach. Another way is the “Active RIAA” approach, which uses tremendous amount of negative feedback in the vicinity of 40db to 60db.

    For a number of technical reasons, I reject both methodologies. I have successfully developed a new approach. Since I am waiting for patent protection, I would not disclose the technology at this point. Suffice to say, I do not need to attenuate 20khz by 100 times thereby avoiding many problems. I do not need to use 40-60db of negative feedbacks thereby avoiding another set of problems. "
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    Im sure its a wonderful piece. Robert Koda gear is some of the best there is.

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    Interesting piece. Does it have more than one input or an option for a second input?

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