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    Need advice: Allnic H7000 or H8000 or...

    Dear all, I am in the process of acquiring a new phono stage and I have pinned down my decision around Allnic. I have positive experience with the brand, like their philosophy, sound and flexibility of their phono stages. Model H 7000 would be a logical economical decision but I cannot decide...
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    High gain preamplifier for a First Watt SIT-3?

    It is crucial to have electrically compatible pre and power amp. Output impedance of preamp and input impedance of power amp are among important factors of it. Others are gain and output voltage, input sensitivity, length of interconnects etc. I do not have deep technical knowledge but have...
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    High gain preamplifier for a First Watt SIT-3?

    Btw, just looked up at stereophile measurements of SIT3. It has high input impendance (150k-200k) and should therefore work well with tube preamps like janus.
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    High gain preamplifier for a First Watt SIT-3?

    Aesthetix Janus could be interesting match. It has internal flexible phono stage and high gain (23db se, 29db balanced).
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    SET amp owners thread

    I was a bit irritated by spiritofmusic’s comment that NAT Transmitter was a bit glassy. So I reconnected today mine and all I can say is: not at all. At least in my system. Very natural tone. Lots of SET qualities I easily recognize since I have owned 2 SETs and 1 PSET. Certainly less dark than...
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    SET amp owners thread

    Ron, I own VTL Siegfried II (for 3 years) and NAT Transmitter (3 months) and have been comparing them quite intensively for the last 3 months. Like many members here I have also been lusting for SET since many years. I have actually had one PSET system in another apartment but that system just...
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    Ode to a Swiss Turntable

    Thanks, Marty. Have been using Helix 1 for 4-5 years myself. The only piece of my audio chain which has not been changed. Love it! And thinking now to upgrade it to mk2 status. That’s why eager to receive your feedback.
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    Ode to a Swiss Turntable

    Marty, any impressions to be shared with us? I am eagerly awaiting your follow up...
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    In my understanding CS Port uses DC motor. So I am confused: the guy who sold that turntable to Mike does’t like its sound?
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    VTL Siegfried II - long term report

    Microstrip, I think we all would appreciate if you would share with us your experience with Siegfried II with your speakers. Especially compared to lower powered amp, like Lamm you have. Thanks.
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    VTL Siegfried II - long term report

    It was simple matter of one blown tube. Amp cleary indicates what to do. I also had to replace a fuse (which is in a spare parts box given with the amp).
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    VTL Siegfried II - long term report

    Sorry for late reply... I am on a business trip... Since Siegfried has 20A power input I have only been able to try two power cable: Valhalla and Faber cables. Found later to be superior, more natural and organic.
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    VTL Siegfried II - long term report

    Dear all, It is true that it is quite quiet at the VTL forum and it is IMHO petty that this brand is overlooked among many new trendy brands with more aggressive digital presence. I want to share with you my experience with VTL Siegfried II after two and half years of usage. Although...
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    2018 is about over. What did you do in Audio?

    I did two important steps forward in 2018: 1. Ayon Conquistador DHT preamp ended (at least temporarily ) my quest for the optimal preamp. It brought the magic to the music, it is now really kind of a heart of the system. 2. Optimizing my digital ring: first with roon nucleus +; then with...
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    Kaiser Kawero Classic

    Reading above comments may lead some members, imho, to wrong conclusion: that Kaiser is musical speaker and Tad not. Let me give you some perspective about my sound preferences: before owned Kaiser Kawero I had owned Harbeth 40.1. I loved them both. Very organic, holistic, musical speakers. So...

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