Apr 10, 1965 (Age: 59)
New Zealand
The Place To List Your Gear
Antipodes Audio OLADRA Music Server

Mola Mola Makua - Phono and DAC

Linnenberg Allegro Monos

Hart Audio EVO 1 Loud Speakers

Cabling: Antipodes / Puritan Audio Labs
Head of Sales and Service - Antipodes Audio


Antipodes Audio
Class Leading Music Servers Made in New Zealand.
Antipodes Audio Limited
Suite 1
Clean Technology Tower
2 Ake Ake Place
Otaki Commercial Park
Otaki 5512
Kapiti Coast
New Zealand

Home System: Antipodes OLADRA Music Server, Sony SACD-XA9000ES CD Player, Mola Mola Makua LineStage - Phono and DAC, Linnenberg Allegro Mono's, Hart Audio EVO1 Speakers, Turntables: Garrard 301 Custom Plinth, Siggwan 12" arm, Transfiguration Aixia, Lenco L75 Custom Plinth, The Wand 12" arm, Miyajima Kotetu, Rega P25, Hercules PSU, The Wand 9' arm, ZU DL103R,



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