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Analog--Wave Kinetics NVS tt, Durand Telos + Sapphire Telos tonearms, CA Goldfinger Statement, Ort MC Anna carts, Studer A-820 (2, 1/4" & 1/2"),
Digital--MSB Select II, 33 Femto clock, and SGM server, 30 tb NAS + 30 tb NAS back-up
Preamp--darTZeel NHB-18NS w/2 phonos, King-Cello tape repro, amplifers--darTZeel NHB-458 mono blocks
Speakers--Evolution Acoustics MM7


Saskia II tt, NVS tt, Durand Telos Sapphire arm + Tosca arm, GFS cart, Anna Diamond cart, -3- Studer A-820 RTR (1/4" + (2) 1/2").*MSB Select II dac w/33 Femto clock + mono powerbases, Extreme serv + (2x) 30 tb NAS + Gobel USB, *darT NHB-18NS w/2 phonos, King-Cello. *dart 458 mono blocks. EA MM7. *Equi=tech 10WQ, (10) Abso Fid PC & (2) Evo Acou PC. *Evo Acou 12' TRSC and 8m + 1.25m 'zeel' ic's, *Tripoint Troy Sig + Elite, Entreq Sil Tel + Pos, Taiko Tana (5) TS-140 & (3) TS-150 (2), Taiko Daiza (15), Adona GTX (2). pictures of my system here = https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/615


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