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    Munich High End 2019

    Any impressions on the new Playback amp?
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    Entreq Tellus grounding

    For those using Entreq wraps ... Compared the older AC Silver wraps to the new Infinity Wraps Copper ... Much lower noise floor, which is easily discernable . Promoting a fuller harmonic structure. Haven't yet compared the Silver old to the Silver Infinity. Worth investigating for current users...
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    Do We Generally Hear the Same or Differently?

    No need for analysis , if the music hits you and it switches off your left lobe , you gotta home run. Maybe from a recording in general or the system as a whole. It's a bodily function, we know when we achieve that state . We all have maybe momentarily during a session or those luckier few for a...
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    MSB Reference DAC VS Totaldac d1-Twelve mk2

    The TAD D600 may be ahead of the Origine , with the Mooks of course !
  5. Jazzhead

    Entreq Tellus grounding

    Just closed the loop , Everest on all Entreq wooden pegs .. wow ... Flow , tone , sense of ease all enhanced , who needs vinyl lolllll ... *Ducking for cover*
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    Pacific dac: Lampizator's new top of the line dac

    Bonzo could you elaborate, why you think the GG is better suited to your listening tastes over the PAC ?
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    My Little Barn

    You owe it to yourself to hear the TAD mounted on the Giant Mooks. Maybe resident Mook master Ked will send you his pair to try.
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    Zanden 9600 MK2 Mono Amps: Review by Alan Sircom

    Think it is , that's what I understood after speaking to Yamada San , last in HKG. Will reconfirm...
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    New Kuro power cable with Bocchino

    Any MSRP as yet ?
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    My Little Barn

    Nice set up , congrats . Where is the PSU for the TAD D600 ? Have recently acquired one , I think it is a fab front end . Happy Listening .
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    Zanden 9600 MK2 Mono Amps: Review by Alan Sircom

    I have a Zanden 3000mk1, if anybody wants to take up acquiring one and ship to Japan to update to MK2 status, inbox me please.
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    Hear It Yourself.

    I like the harmonic glow on the GFS, as much as I can tell from these recordings. Thanks Khun Tang for these clips. Enjoy your fruits.
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    My three State of Art Amps Gryphon Mephisto, Kondo Kagura and Robert Koda K70 II

    Sawadikap Tang , loll... We digital guys always need some black magic to help. Not blessed with a collection of fantastic TT's like your good self. Regards
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    My three State of Art Amps Gryphon Mephisto, Kondo Kagura and Robert Koda K70 II

    The new Koda under development is to be born as the K100. Amadeus how hot does the Koda run? It's got a continuous draw of a 1000W !! Am a K15EX user and would love to hook the two up together. Cheers and enjoy your toys in good health.

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