Living room: Lampizator Golden Gate 2/3 dac single ended VC w/Engine 11-P (Poseidon); VAC Master preamp; Ric Schulz modified Oppo 203 (digital only); ATC SCM 5OASLT active speakers & JL Audio e-110 subs on custom pedestals & Gaia I & II feet; Wyred Pro Stream Power Conditioner & PS Audio P15 Regenerator w/ PowerBase; WyWires Diamond power cords and ICs; AV Roomservice EVPs & Graphite Audio Premium Isolation Cones; Purist Audio Design Neptune S/PDIF & HDMI cables; iFi S/PDIF iPurifier w/ Paul Hynes SR4 LPS; QSA Red and Red/Black fuses; Furutech GTX-D outlet; and Nordost QK1 & QV2 (x2), Qsine and Puron AC Line Conditioners; LG C1 HDTV, Audioquest Vodka 48 HDMI cable; LG C1 TV with Tii-220 cable filter; High Fidelity magnetic adapters and NPS-Q45T contact enhancer. ASC bass traps (4).
Desktop: Quad 12L active speakers, RAC ICs, SR Black fuses



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