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Power is Richard Gray PowerBridge UPS feeding large isolation transformer feeding Triton/Typhon. Sound Application off of that for digital gear. Shunyata power cables.

Speakers and amps are PHC (2215sm across the front) in an 11.4 setup.

Processor is ADA Reference. Vacation home is Kii Control

For multichannel music I feed the Trinnov section directly from a server or streamer. Two channel is room/speaker corrected via various convolution filters. Multichannel is room/speaker corrected via Trinnov. User interface is Roon and Kaleidescape. Multiple linear power supplies.

Room was engineered by Keith Yates and Dennis Erskine.


Preamps: Trinnov Altitude 32 (two channel & multichannel); Kii3 Control (two channel, in different room)
Digital: Various streamers and servers; Roon+HQP+FabFilter/Acourate; Trinnov (multichannel); Bricasti M3 (headphone rig); Empirical Audio OffRamp; Paul Hynes and Ferum power supplies; Wireworld Platinum digital cables; Paul Pang, EtherRegen and Edison Creation switches, optically isolated
Speakers: PRO Audio Technology 2115sm across fronts; 4x 18" PRO subs; 7 bed + 6 overhead + 5 subs; Kii3 in different room; Dan Clark Stealth, Focal Utopia and HiFiMan 1000v2 headphones driven balanced by Bricasti M3 and Decware amps
Room: Design by Dennis Erskine and Keith Yates. Extensive use of RPG custom bass traps and diffusers
Power: Hospital 20kVA UPS feeding 240v isolation transformer. Triton/Typhon and Sound Application (SMPS + network). Shunyata power cords


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