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TTs: Linn LP12 Klimax (w/Kuzma 4P9), Linn LP12 1979 pre-Cirkus w/AMG 9w2,
Garrard 301 w/Glanz 124S, DP-8 9/12”, Reed 3P, Thorens TD124mk2 with Fidelity Research FR-64S and AB309
Carts: DaVa FC-1, Koetsu Onyx, Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum,VdH Colibri Grand Cru, VdH Colibri XGP LW, Murasakino Sumile, My Sonic Lab Eminent Ultra EX, Airtight PC-1 Opus, Ortofon A90, Lyra Kleos, Miyajima Infinity, Miyajima Zero, Micro Benz LPS, Koetsu Black, ZYX R100 Fuji, Supex SDX-1000, ACUTEX 320 STR III, Stanton 981 HZS, Grace F9E, SPU Classic GE mk2, Shure V15III
Preamps: VdH Grail SB, ChannelD Lino 3.3 C, IFI iPhono 3 Black, Custom made phono preamp
Amp: Mytek Brooklyn
DAC: RME ADI Pro 2.0, Mytek DAC+
Headphones: Sennheiser HD800S, HD600, HD580, IE900, IE500 Pro,
Speakers: Vienna Acoustic Mozart, Harbeth P3ESR



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