Digital Source: Greenwave modem/router powered by Uptone JS-2 LPS; Uptone EtherRegen powered by Farad Super 3 LPS; Taiko Extreme running Roon & XDMS; PGGB 256 files; Chord DAVE with Sean Jacobs ARC6 DC4 power supply and Sean Jacobs capacitor board; Audiowise SRC-DX with HFC CT-2 3D cables feeding DAVE; Audiowise DC Block on DAVE
Analogue Sources: TW Acustic Raven One, Raven 10.5 tonearm; Miyajima Shilabe; Crayon phono stage with custom Paul Hynes power supply (SR5-DR48)
Amp: Crayon CFA 1.2 integrated
Speakers: Devore Fidelity Gibbon X; HiFiMan HE1000 headphones (WyWires Platinum headphone cable)
Signal Cables: QSA Lanedri Gamma Infinity interconnects; QSA Lanedri Ultimatum Infinity speaker cables
Digital Cables: Shunyata Omega USB, Sablon 2020 Ethernet; SOtM dCBL-Cat7 ethernet
Power: Dedicated circuits with 10AWG wire and FIM 888 AC outlets; Shunyata Everest power conditioner; QSA Lanedri Gamma Revelation power cords (3); QSA Lanedri Spectra Infinity power cable (1); various Audience power cords; QSA Lanedri Gamma Infinity DC Extension cables (2)
Room Treatment: ASC Tube Trap; Stillpoints Aperture panels (4); A/V RoomService Metu panels (4); Acustica Applicata Diffusion Absorption Audio Device; Acoustic Revive RR-77 and other Schumann resonators
Other: Finite Elemente rack; Cerabase footers on rack; Stillpoints Ultra SS, Soundecks, and IKEA Aptilig bamboo chopping boards under speakers and most components; A/V Roomservice EVPs and CVPs; custom wall-mounted TT rack




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