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    Pass Labs Xa 100.8 vs Agostino Progression Monoblocks

    All the above are excellent replies. I’ve decided to keep my 100.8 for and will upgrade to a more powerful Pass Labs amp later
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    Pass Labs Xa 100.8 vs Agostino Progression Monoblocks

    The Agostino is at an official dealer 500 km away.
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    Pass Labs Xa 100.8 vs Agostino Progression Monoblocks

    I have the opportunity to trade in my Pass Labs Xa 100.8 to a Preowned Agostino Progression monoblocks (First edition) I have Wilson Sasha speakers. Opinion needed .
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    USB cable recommended?

    The Ether Regen in my experience is better
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    USB cable recommended?

    I have ordered the Audioquest Diamond. Tried a few high end brands even Uber expensive cable. Ended up ordering AQ Diamond. U cannot go wrong
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    Intona USB 2.0/3.0 Isolators 2019versions

    I’m using Intona Rreference USB cable from Aurender to INTONA USB 3.0 Isolator. Transparent Audio USB with Audioquest Jitter Bug from Isolator to MSB DAC. The INTONA system has about 100 hours use. With INTONA sound stage is narrower, tops bright low bass decreased. I tried without...
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    New WA Book-Dynamic Contrast & Harmonic Expression

    is a good question “ is it a good book to read”
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    The best sound I have heard was found at Jacob Heilbrunn's house.

    Please post picture of the first reflections on side walls. Love to see what acoustic treatment you have
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    MBL 101e

    Heard these today. Fabulous. Different experience to other speakers I’ve heard.
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    Unbelievably good

    I was treated to a full MBL system today. I can only remember the name of the speakers MBL 101 e Mk Ii. The rest was also MBL. SOUNDED FABULOUS. Like going to a live venue. . Unlikely I could ever afford this system . Posting this for others to try get to listen to a full MBL system...
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    A New Wave of Class D Integrated Amplifiers

    I tried Devialet with my Sasha. Sounded smooth but that’s it. I prefer Pass Labs Class A. Class A adds gravitas and a 3 dimensional image. Just feels and sounds natural.
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    A New Wave of Class D Integrated Amplifiers

    The Lavardin IT is an exceptional amp. I still miss mine. Best with all Lavardin cable. Was a little shy in the bass but simply pure. I now run Pass Labs. Interesting topic ; I’m watching Class D with great but so far haven’t liked what I’ve heard. Then again there are some Uber expensive...
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    Sasha DAW vs Alexia 2

    Same with me. I prefer Class A. i have Pass Labs Xa 100.8 driving Sasha
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    Resistance and stability

    Finally did that . Reply was sensible. If the meter does not move just enjoy . My meters stay at 12 o clock. So I’m happy.
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    Resistance and stability

    I’ve been wondering about Pass Labs amplifiers and stability at low resistance. I have the Xa 100.8. I often see that some amplifiers double power output as the as the impedance halves. I also hear about amplifiers being stable at lower impedance e.g 2 ohm and even 1ohm. My speakers dip to...

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