Strange times
It seems the world is a different place since our last Newsletter.
And frankly there is not much fun being had at the moment. We hope our members are keeping safe, and we look forward to things returning to a better place soon, if possible.

One thing that can chear us all up is spending quality time listening to more music.

UltraAnalogue Recordings


UltraAnalogue Recordings is happy to announce the release of digital downloads, of selected tapes, from their tape catalogue. These will be available in 2 formats: DSD128 and 24/192kHz Flac

They will be direct 2xDSD copies of the 15ips 2 track analogue master tapes. The PCM files will be derived from these 2xDSD files. There are currently 20+ titles, and more will be added over time.

Violinists: Alena Baeva, Tatsuki Narita, Xiang Yu
Cellists: Sietse-Jan Weijenberg
Pianists: Vadym Kholodenko, Yun-Yang Lee, Li Wang

Please check our website here.

I hope you will enjoy this timeless music!

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