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"A single-ended triode (SET) is a vacuum tube electronic amplifier that uses a single triode to produce an output, in contrast to a push-pull amplifier which uses a pair of devices with antiphase inputs to generate an output with the wanted signals added and the distortion components subtracted. Single-ended amplifiers normally operate in Class A.”

SETs and the accompanying use of high efficiency speakers to mate with them has shown a healthy revival over the last few years. Never the mainstream, it has always been quietly delighting many an audiophile with it’s seductive and natural sound. Personally I have owned a few SETs over the years, both kits and finished products, and heard many others in friends systems and at shows.

It seemed to my ears there was something very special about these amplifiers. The speed and handling of micro detail, the natural timbre, superb midrange and natural vocals, violins. A complete lack of harshness, especially in the treble regions and presence region.

Certain SETs I have heard stand out sonically as with most audio products. The challenge with a SET is harnessing their best traits, and avoiding any weaknesses. This usually means big (and expensive) transformers and excellent parts quality as a base requirement amongst many other factors. Get everything right and you are in for a lifetime of pure musical bliss in my humble opinion.

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