It is the festive time of year and What's Best Forum would like to wish all of our members a very happy Christmas from Steve, Ron and our webmaster “The Fixer.”

The forum is moving along very nicely and we have many things planned for 2019. You may have already noticed we are “promoting” various threads of interest to either a “Featured” or an “Article” status. Both of these display the thread on the new Home page with a photo from the post and a snippet of text. This is a great way to supercharge your posts and encourage other members to contribute.

Images, images, images
We are selecting a batch of posts each month with up to six featured posts appearing in the slide show banner, and up to eight articles that appear underneath as photo and text panels.

If possible, can members post a photo with the first text entry before starting a new subject. It allows us to then feature the post on the home page. It also draws more attention to your post and will encourage more members to read it and also reply with their own content.

Don't forget to use our new system photos gallery in “Member Systems.” We all love photos of audio gear and we want to really expand this part of the forum. We can only do that with your help, so please feel free to add your own photos. There are some superb images on the website, so please keep it up!

We look forward to working with you in 2019 to ensure What's Best Forum is the premier high end audio forum on the planet!

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