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Thread: Sutherland Engineering Timeline

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    Here's another similar trick to set cartridge azimuth using your R2Rs VU meters or multimeter... play the same 1kHz CD tone and measure the output voltage at the pre's tape output; adjust internal preamp tape-out buffers till you get the same reading per channel (this assumes your CD player's/DAC's output is matched to very low tolerances between its channels, which is common, but you should measure that too; and that you can indeed adjust these buffers - on my Spectral preamp, I can).

    Now that your preamp tape-out is calibrated, adjust azimuth using the multimeter, but I find it easier to use the VU, meters as follows: first adjust the input gain on the R2R so that both meters read the same 0dB reading with the same 1kHz CD tone; switch to the 1kHz tone on the LP and adjust azimuth till the VU meters read the same value.
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    You should check out the Kuzma Strobi. . .

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