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Thread: one dedicated line or two?

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    one dedicated line or two?

    I have 2 dedicated lines,but I think that all system on one line sound better.
    I have 2 monoblocks ,preamp,phono stage and turntable.
    the turntable with controller are on one line,and the other gears on the second.
    does it logical?

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    Yes, it has to do with grounding.

    Multiple dedicated lines are almost always implemented poorly wrt grounding, leaving more resistance between grounds of components on each line, which causes more noise as Ohm's law, V=IR also applies to ground currents. Obviously, if we reduce R we reduce V, which in this case is noise voltage. Lower R = lower noise.

    To solve this you need to combine grounds as close to the system as possible. There are 3 ways to do this:

    1. Install a sub-panel as close to your receptacles as possible.

    2. Use a power distribution system for each line that includes a ground connection, keep the power distributors as close together as possible and connect them using a heavy gauge braided or litz design ground strap.

    Or 3, buy an aftermarket grounding system that will accomplish the same thing and maybe also have some somewhat effective ground filtration.

    Also, most cables are don't take this into account and both ICs and PCs often have inadequate, higher gauge/thinner ground connections, when in fact a good cable will have heavy gauge ground connections. For 1 and 2 to work as effectively as possible the cables need to be properly designed and many are not with the ground connection being an afterthought and PCs using super-heavy hot/neutral with a much smaller ground wire. This, along with the poor grounding you get from a typical multi-line installation, creates a market for #3.
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    DaveC would have nailed it if he had only stopped after point #1.

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    Or maybe I'm misreading/misunderstanding points #2 and #3.
    'ground' is such a confusing word.
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    2. If a subpanel isn't practical code doesn't allow combining grounds of multiple lines in the wall, so if you use power distributors with ground connections you can side step that issue.

    3. A grounding system, not necessarily an expensive one, can also reduce R.

    Both are just other ways to combine grounds at the system rather than at the main panel without relying on IC and PC ground connections to be sufficient.
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    Use TWO lines. One for the power amps and the other for everything else.

    STAR grounding/bonding of all components so there is ONE single solitary ground for everything.

    Star grounding can be done extremely easily and inexpensively and will eliminate any noise.
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    If u are using mono amps 3 lines....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingsrule View Post
    If u are using mono amps 3 lines....
    This is what I do. One 20amp circuit to each amp, and a third to my rack/front end components.
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    So many extra lines for equipment that doesn't need the power.... It's purely because of problems within the equipment and all the shifts on the lines (AC power from wall). A lot of it can be corrected. In fact it'll sound better with correction than just adding lines.
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    In every house I have 3 separate lines sound better than 2

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    i have 3 dedicated lines. one each for my mono blocks and the third for my DAC and Transport. big improvement over one or two dedicated lines.

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