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Thread: ArtNovian Experience ?

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    ArtNovian Experience ?

    I'm looking at using Artnovian Acoustics for room analysis for my new dedicated listening room. Have you used this Company and approach? How'd that work out?


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    I had planned to go with Vicoustic but their US rep had a parting of the ways with Vicoustic in Portugal.
    While I found several possibilities my dealer told me to check out Artnovion. Turns out the owners used to work for Vicoustic. And IMHO Artnovion has made several improvements on design and wall attachment design. Their designs will make my listening space look high tech. Their diffusers are s big aesthetic improvement over the Vicoustic difussers.
    I just completed my order, including custom sized absorbers for the front wall. Delivery is scheduled for later March. I will post my impressions then (compared to my old boring gray Echo Buster set up.
    Any other Artnovion customers??

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