Series 2 Midrange


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Aug 31, 2010
Hi Gary, happy new year. I am curious what you are using for midrange in the new series 2 speakers? Did you buy up a bunch of BG drivers or is it a brand new design of your own? I think you had said it was the latter. BG drivers are fine on my G201 for now, but always trying to work through potential failure points. Would these new midrange drivers be a drop-in replacement for the older BG units or would x-over changes be necessary. Thanks in advance.


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Hi there! Happy new year to you too. The last bunch of BG drivers sent to us all failed QC testing - every single @$#!! one of them. We have a brand new design of our own. It has been a long, expensive process, but the film that Gary finally settled on was "musical when crinkled" :D So Gary told me - that when he handled and manipulated the film, it crinkled musically. They sound wonderful! I fancy they are warmer and more musical. They are drop in replacements - but I will point this thread out to Gary so he can respond too.

P.S. I had input on the cosmetic design. ;) The grills "smile" at you.


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One G201 owner who had to replace his midranges, just sent back the following feedback:

..... after 6 hours last night and a few hours this morning:

This new driver is hands down much better than the BG Radia - perhaps not even close. Great design!!! This driver seems to blend better with the treble and bass. There's so much more information and clarity. Some pieces, such as the one you can see on the TV in the 'after' picture, run too hot - exposing a flaw in the recording in my view. Differences in recordings are much more defined. With a low noise floor, like I had last night and this morning, the sound staging is spectacular. Piano tonality and weight is awesome (I love piano music).

Okay - so that's my extent of pretending I'm a Stereophile/Absolute Sound reviewer. Suffice it to say it's an awesome driver. I would highly recommend it to any Genesis owner with the old BG Radia driver.


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Apr 30, 2014
And the cost for us G2 owners for the drop in replacement???? Does the crossover require any modifications as well.. If so, are the modifications a "factory only" upgrade with a special secret sauce for parts identification/values.