Looking for compact EQ to pair w/ Topping TP22


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Oct 9, 2017
I have a very compact vinyl setup with a Teac TN-300, Topping TP22 and Audioengine P4N's sitting on top of a small cabinet with essentially no extra surface area. I'm looking for a compact, dedicated hardware EQ that can sit on top of or below my Topping TP22. So basically a 4 to 5" wide box, which I have had no luck finding. The Samson S-Equalizer would have been perfect, but has been discontinued and isn't for sale secondhand anywhere. The closest modern device I've found so far is the Gemini MM1, which is not what I'm looking for as I don't need any DJ mixing capabilities, just a simple EQ. Ideally dual band so I can run my bluetooth adapter through it as well, but single input is fine too.

If this item simply does not exist, then I would consider a full size EQ that my turntable could sit on. But that would mean it would have to be at least 16.5" W x 13.5" x D. Most EQ's are of the standard rackmount size, so 19" x 11" or thereabouts. The only EQ I've found deeper than that is from the mystery brand Falcon (not Falcon Acoustics), their EQ215 is allegedly 13" D which MIGHT just cut it. Link here: https://www.amazon.com/FALCON-EQ215-Stereo-Graphic-Equalizer/dp/B00GTVD1AK/ - unfortunately, other websites have different dimensions for this thing, so I'm hesitant to buy it based on Amazon's info.

Any recommendations for this kind of setup would be most appreciated!