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Thread: Platter mat preferences!

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    I imagine that if you polish an old record so t fit perfectly between the platter and your records it should work fine.
    After all the idea is to have something compliant to let vibrations to escape the record you are playing!

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    I stumbled over this webpage recently.

    Playing with Rubber, Leather, Copper and Carbon
    While I liked the three layered mat construction...........
    I might play around with different mat layers on my platter, and see if there is a combination I like.
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    That's what I consider a good review/article, simply because it focuses on one specific turntable/mat(s) synergy, which is totally system dependent, and does not come to any absolute conclusion. With my specific 'table, a thin leather mat proved best, however ... the continuing refinement of that turntable soon changed my perception & criteria for using mats altogether, or more specifically, sans mat, and the pros & cons of coupling the LP direct to platter/turntable/environment.


    edit ... removed the word "benefit" in place of "pros & cons".

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