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Thread: Pass Lab owners - Check in!

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    Feb 2013
    Ontario, Canada
    New Pass Amp - soon to come
    This looks to be a nice product. It's not on their website as of yet.
    Ontario, Canada
    Electronics: Spectral DMC-30 SS2, Pass Labs XA100.5 monoblocks, Luxman DA-06 Dac; Aurender N100 streamer
    Speakers: Dynaudio Confidence C2 Signature
    Cables: Spectral ic and speaker cable; JPS/AudioSensibility power cords; Furutech receptacles; AudioSensibilty Power Centre (modified)

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    Thanks, Gene 15352!
    This amp is on Pass Labs Facebook page, today...

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    Apr 2017
    Hi Guys!

    XP20 (before I had an XP10)
    X350 (I love this oldie)

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    Jan 2017
    Hi AlexArgie,

    Nice gear, how would you compare the sound of XP10 vs XP20?
    Many thanks

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