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Thread: TAS leaves the Maxx 3 off the Editor's Choice Awards - Ouch!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by caesar View Post
    Hey PhillipK,

    If I were starting an exciting new publication I would be all over Magico also. And if I were a tired, existing publication, I would love to get a Magico review. If I were a dealer, they would be one of my first choices to carry. First, they have the buzz. And second, they have an appeal to the guys who love to think about the music instead of being so involved in the perfomance, they can't distinguish between thought, action, self, environment, or anything else. They also appeal to guys who swap gear a lot and are looking to get a new perspective on the detail in their recordings. Of course, I would also carry an MBL to appeal to the guy looking for a concert in their home and a Soundlab to appeal to perfection in small scale stuff, along with another brand to let guys get off on the audiophile vocabulary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Randall Smith View Post
    . if we quit responding to him, he may not post again.
    If only !! Except he starts threads like it is his profession.
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    Quote Originally Posted by audioguy View Post
    Here we go again. (I do not own Magicos -- way out of my budget). But I have heard them in a spectacular room with outstanding electronics.

    Apparently you like very colored speakers. If the Magicos are "transparent", "brutal to bad recording", "present a great soundstage", and "provide truth to master tapes" (sort of sounds like accurate to me), and you don't like that, then you like something other than accurate, which is OK.

    But to continually slam this product because it is does not present music in the (apparently inaccurate) way you like, does not suggest it lacks immersion, passion, nor provide an escape. It means that for folks who like a speaker that presents different distortions it is not their cup of tea.

    Your continued dogmatic assertions that this is a non musical, cold, analytical product just amazes me.

    But then, what do I know !!!
    Audioguy, now if you think that Soundlabs or MBLs or Maxx3's - which were left of the list - are colored, go give them a listen. Don't just listen to what insecure media elites - with warped standards, while they bash and ignore everything - tell you. If you do give them a listen, you are in for a treat. Fremer just called the MBL a blank state, and said that the Maxx 3 was even more transparent.

    But what no one talks about is that the real standards of great gear should be higher than petty audiophile terms. It should not be about accuracy or euphony, but about improving one's existence via human happiness. Happiness in action is about enjoyment. It is about being fully alive. It is about being carried away by a powerful force. Listening to music is about being completely involved with the performance where is no distinction between thought and action, self and the environment, and the individual and the musical performance. Nothing else exists.

    It is not about thinking or getting a Deeper Understanding, as Magico claims in their ads. As soon as thinking happens, as it does with Magico - via it's transparency, thin yet "accurate" bass, and its ability to educate you about the recording, this fusion of the listener and the performance is broken. The Ecstasy fizzles! Let Randall, Valin, and others enjoy their Magicos, but they don't really know what they are missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caesar View Post
    ... Let Randall, Valin, and others enjoy their Magicos, but they don't really know what they are missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caesar View Post
    It is about being fully alive. It is about being carried away by a powerful force.
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    Lets just be happy there are so many different designs to choose from .
    Nobody is forced to buy anything so it aint that bad .
    If some body will let only a reviewer/dealer make the choice for them , they will indeed miss out a lot ,money included
    I do agree with ceasar that a system should be fun and entertaining .
    I ve heard the V3 do nice things as well both on tubes though , nagra and zanden
    Although with nagra it was a bit underpowered , certainly with complex music

    The wilsons may have more bass extension the magico mids might be a bit more appealing to others
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    Quote Originally Posted by audioguy View Post
    If only !! Except he starts threads like it is his profession.
    Just watching the watchers...

    BTW, my understanding is that Robert Harley will be reviewing the Magico Q7. He was a dyed-in-the-wool Wilson guy until a couple years ago, effusively praising the Alexandria as the "best" only recently. But now expecting the full renaming of the Absolute Sound to the Magico Standard in that edition...

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