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Thread: Theta Dreadnaught +Rail fuse light on

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    Theta Dreadnaught +Rail fuse light on

    This just came on and lost all sound.I was wondering if anyone had this happen before.I also hear a small transformer hum.I am in Toronto area so I will not ship this amp to Cal.
    I am not sure of a local Theta repair depot but I am also no dummy for a easy repair.
    thanks john

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    After checking there is not a speaker wire shorted, you could start by replacing the fuse and seeing if it blows again. If so, then you'll have to troubleshoot to see what went out.
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    I used to have a Theta Dreadnaught - it had two fuses: one on the +ve rail and another on the -ve rail. If the +ve rail light is on, the +ve rail fuse is blown. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Remove all speaker cables, and replace the fuse and turn it back on. If the fuse stays good. Make sure there are no shorts in the speakers, and then try hooking up the speaker cables back and turn it back on again.
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