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Thread: Torqueo ordered

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    Torqueo ordered

    This morning i order a Torqueo turntable,the compact color Marsala
    with his T base and the mat of copper CU 2900

    Will arrive in december,i never saw and listen,but i am near sure will be good sound

    I think to put tonearm Saec 506 that Torqueo buy second hand and rebuild like knew changing the knife made from a Jeweler
    I take immediately the T base,is ready to put under the Schopper 124

    Idea is to have Torqueo with Saec 506 and Coralstone diamond
    I hope a good sound

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    Hey Gian, good work.
    I did email them a while back, but no reply, I guess the lack of English speaking and no UK distributor doesnt help.
    Im not sure I could buy a tt without hearing it first.
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    I am agree with you,but speaking a lot with them,checking the production quality,motor and plint quality and good price convinced me on buying
    Sure will be very good,for his cost,but i don't know which will be the real quality

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    Hi Spirit,
    i see you have Strain Gauge,you can connect directly to power amp without connect to line preamp if you have g210 with volume?

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    Gian60, Congratulations. Do you have a photograph of this table?
    My system link on WBF:
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    you can see the website and in the home you can see the Marsala Compact
    Site is also in English
    I think construction is very good,before took the old rek-o-kut and restored,now do the same but all made new with bronze,ergal,ecc and new very good motor
    Company is in Italy but are 730 km from my home,so i didn't go

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    in their website there is also the video of Marsala compact
    Also Ardesia color and Olive color are good,you can see in the video of the web

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    No idea about sound Gian but I love the looks and the lovely soft Marsala color of Torqueo, congrats!

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    Beautiful! Enjoy and look forward to your 'report' about how it sounds.
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    Congrats Gian....wonderful eye candy

    What was your thinking here for the purchase?
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