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Thread: Exotic Horns & Tubes- Moryiama & Machida Style!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Folsom View Post
    So did you like any of the speakers in particular? I think everyone looking is curious about having a listen. Did you learn anything particular aside from having a good time?
    These speakers are not only about sound but they're also object d'art. Sonically they're up there with the best of them, there's nothing that compares with the ease and dynamics of large horns very different from cone speakers which to my knowledge just don't get there like horns. What did I learn? I met two very interesting people and learnt about them and their experiences, some wonderful music from Machida San's very rare and varied collection, beauty of Japanese country side, it's a day in a life, a good one !

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    Thx David for sharing some very cool looking horns and other exotic wood components. Luv it; that goes without sayin'.


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