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Thread: A world first? Passive v active isolation platforms test

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    I suspect Jarek might be able to answer that.
    For my part, I've now done a four-way comparison of isolation techniques on my cdp
    Passive air/CLD Stacore Adv
    Active piezoelectric sensor Herzan/Accurion-like Kuraka
    Passive Rollerblock Symposium Isis
    Passive sprung Minus K
    No contest, Stacore the winner and by a clear margin, esp in terms of clean bass grip, midrange clarity, natural treble, microdetail, overall flow and ease.
    Active Kuraka very impressive too, but highly ironically in a product that specs better than Stacore into infra bass regions ie sub 1Hz, it's bass performance was somewhat worse than the Stacore, and it was this plus midrange intelligibility that swung it to the Stacore.
    More reasoning that the broadband isoln of Stacore that specs better than active Kuraka making more of a difference overall.
    Minus K just a non starter despite best price of all.
    Symposium still my choice if I wanted to stay with a traditional isolating rack.
    So Speedskater, that test would be fascinating, but I'm 100% certain even w'out it that my ears have guided me well to going all in w Stacore.

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    Re all gauges and controls at front of platform?
    A nice idea practically.
    In terms of aesthetics, I suspect there might be many customers who wouldn't want to directly have to keep looking at a pressure gauge, three toggle switches and a pump inlet.
    Having these to the side keeps the clean "stealth"-like lines of the unit more attractive and minimal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedskater View Post
    Does anyone ever do any real testing?
    I haven't seen any but I haven't looked much. I bet there must be semiconductors vibrational tests e.g for rocket and military applications.

    Jarek Korbicz
    Manufacturer of Advanced Pneumatic
    Anti-vibration Platforms

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    Thank you, adyc and Marc.

    And thank you, Jarek (with whom I had a very nice and informative telephone conversation today)!
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