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Thread: Which stand is better- Grand Prix or Finite Elemente?

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    Which stand is better- Grand Prix or Finite Elemente?

    Looking at both these stands any thoughts on which is better- on the finite I am looking at the master rack I found-Need to decide quick as they are both up for sale- thanks for the input- gary

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    As a former GP user I would say go for it if it s the model with the carbon fiber shelves. They are much better than those using the acrylic platforms. I would go so far as to urge those using the acrylic to upgrade. Finite is always good. Hard not to like their sweet warm character.
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    I am thinking about selling my GPA stuff. I have a 3 shelf rack, and an amp stand. Apex footers/Tungsten ball bearings and all formula shelves.

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    Finite Elemente is dead. Crossing fingers for Luis Fernandez that he will succeed in reviving his “baby”...
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    I've owned both. Years ago a Finite Element Master Pagogode with the Cerabases and a few Cerapucs under certain components.

    Grand Prix in a different class...clearly better.

    I did like the looks of the Finite...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
    Finite Elemente is dead. Crossing fingers for Luis Fernandez that he will succeed in reviving his “baby”...
    Could you elaborate and explain please?

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