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Thread: You need to try this!

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    You need to try this!

    I was messing around the other night and decided to put a capacitor between my phonostage bindingpost and the tonearm earthlead....... WOW i have no idea what was going on but the difference was not subtle. Soundstage got bigger Low frequencys improved. I dont know whether i was picking up RF or something else. I can`t advise you on what value cap to use, as i am still experimenting. For the cost you have to give this a go....
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    BTW you dont need to solder. For testing you can just wrap the ends around the spade of the lead and the bindingpost

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    Did you have it grounded before the addition of the cap? Or are you comparing no ground to a ground through the cap?

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    Grounded to grounded through cap.....

    I definitely feel it cleans up the groundplane...
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    So that would make them coupled at higher frequencies but not low. Plausible that it would make such a difference depending on the equipment in use.

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    I am sure all tweaks like this are system dependent. It would be intersting to see if anyone hears the same improvement in their System though....

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    Maybe your equipment would fail the John Windt 'Hummer Test'.

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    Phonostages are by nature suscetible to noise and humm. One of the defining qualitys of a good phonostage is the absence of noise. Less noise is always better. I did not suffer from any noticeable noise or humm before this experiment. This is why i would be intersted if anyone else notices any difference at all.

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    What type and value of cap did you use?
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    It was a film foil cap used for crossovers like 150pf.....
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