Thanks Tao, I'm doing fine down south. A bit tad cold though, waiting on the new house to be built with better heating / cooling functionality...

Speaking of which- yes those earlier VTL's were quite sluggish, lacked transparency and definitely hardly inner detail. For dynamics and slam though it was plenty and generated quite a lot of heat (good for winter but not for tropics!) I had the Manley 350's- called the VTL Designer's Reference Series, built at the old VTL factory 1990, prior to the VTL/Manley split up. These were driving a pair of MG3.5/R's, with a CJ PFR as the preamp. However, in terms of musicality, my previous CJ Premier 11A, rated at just 70w of stereo power, beat these big monoblocks hands down!

I really don't know how Roger S comes up with his design but for that performance to price ratio, this is one of those products that beats many high-end contenders to dis-belief! Spending probably 30-40 grand would generate more refinement / accuracy, I wouldn't know. One thing for sure is that the Magtech is definitely not given enough recognition. If it had tubes or at least if Roger had placed some tubes in the background, I would have bought two of them!

I am very passionate about the musicality factor, not so much on power output at all, hence why I like and enjoy tubes and their after glow during late night sessions. However, unlike most SS gear I have listened to, this Magtech doesn't have any of that SS glare/harshness/brightness or any graininess whatsoever. It also sounds very warm as it runs in for a while and I think Roger mentions to leave them on... go figure!
They are extremely well designed and run cool. I guess like Bob Carver and Arnie Nudell, Roger is a legend in design and these guys know about high fidelity, and the way original music is sourced on recordings. That is why their gear has a solid feel, with a certain weight and powerful presence.

It is sad that Roger doesn't incorporate tubes in his amps but that he has better reasons for omitting tubes, and I know why.
Anyway, to those who own Magtech's- cheers for one superb amplifier with not only plenty of power on demand but also plenty of "musicality" on demand.