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Thread: SMT Wing Diffusors vs. QRD Diffusors? Effective?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gene 15352 View Post
    Anyone recommend the most desirable type of wood when looking at diffusers? Baltic birch, pine, mdf or does it really matter as long as the design is well executed? Thank you.
    Available products have different properties regarding reflection, diffusion and absorption. Material absorption is one factor, but the design itself also result in more or less "geometrical" absorption, i.e. due to the shape of the diffusing elements.
    If you're looking for a diffusor, I would recommend to first look at the range and efficiency of diffusion, i.e. the geometrical design. Secondly the material property which will mainly affect the degree of absorption.
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    SMT Wing diffusors are made from MDF and can be painted to your desire. You can also choose from a few real wood veneers but the price goes up considerably and I doubt this option sounds any better then the standard. I suspect that real wood Wing diffusers (I don’t know if that option exists at SMT) would cost at least three times more. But FWIW, I would certainly choose maple, birch or some other real wood instead of MDF if money was not an object. And I would only wax if at all.
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    Thank you Cal_jr and Marcus, very informative. Looking at 3D wall art for fun as well. Aesthetically pleasing but may not be up to audiophile standards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gene 15352 View Post
    Looking at 3D wall art for fun as well.
    Not bad to combine these with e.g. wings. Not bad at all.
    Random reflective surfaces also breaks up the room reverberation to even out the energy distribution.
    If changes in sound are very small then they are not important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Resnick View Post
    In your experience with both products, is there any logical way to use both products at the same time, trying to realize the best of both products in the same system?

    Do you happen to be familiar with the pros and cons of the RPG Diffractal product versus the RPG Modfractal product?
    I really don’t see there is a need to use both products together.

    If you use a long array of diffractal, the pattern of the diffractal repeats itself. The diffracted sound will exhibit lobing. Modffractual will reduce the lobing by using kind of non repeating pattern.

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